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HSE Management Consulting

Armour Safety Inc. provides comprehensive Occupational Safety and Health services to Saskatchewan industry. Armour’s flagship service is industrial health and safety training. The company is well known for its high quality training courses including Fall Protection, Confined Space Entry and Rescue, H2S Alive, and First Aid.

Armour also provides services to identify client needs, recommend a course of action, and, of course, assistance with implementation of those actions.

These services include

· Staff Placement - safety & occupational personnel for relief, short & long term assignments

· Safety & Health auditing - systems and/or compliance

· Safety and Health Policy and Procedure Manuals

· Risk Assessments - Hazard Id Workshops

· Safety Management System development

· Safety Inspections

· Incident Investigation

· Safety Plan Development for Tender applications

· Development/review of safe working procedures/rules/policies and regulations

· Industrial Hygiene worker exposure & health monitoring

Since inception Armour Safety has successfully demonstrated its ability to provide timely, efficient, high quality and ongoing services to its clients. Armour’s success is demonstrated by its continuing business relationship with existing clients and an increasing demand for its professional services.

Armour Safety Inc. employs full time safety and health training professionals, an office manager, receptionist/HR/Bookkeeper, contract safety and health nurses, contract safety advisors, an MRO, and hygienists as required to meet client needs. Our personnel bring an extensive wealth of background experience in the facilitation and practice of safety and health training and management to industry.


HSE Services


  • Site Safety Personnel
  • Confined Space Monitoring
  • Site Safety Inspections/Audits
  • Medical Standby
  • Drug and Alcohol Testing-nonDOT; DOT please contact us.
  • Respirator Fit Testing-Quantitative, CSA Standard
  • Noise Level Monitoring

Have you called to register? If not please call our office at (306) 352-8805. If you have already registered please continue with the online training.

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